What people REALLY think about ECREA 2010!

Best of ECREA 2010 on twitterBest of ECREA 2010 on twitter Granted, not every member of the ECREA family is yet on twitter. But those 30 scholars who do tweet, are passionate about it and use the network to speak their mind. They use twitter to share information and engage in scientific discussions. Sure, they also talk about mundane things - sometimes they are hilariously funny. But what is most important: the twitter community dares to do what is usually only done off the records in the coffee breaks, they openly criticize the conference organizers and panel presenters if needed.

You havenĀ“t followed the twitter talks? Do not worry. Read here a BEST OF ECREA 2010 on twitter...

Informative #ecc10 tweets

Fumettologic RT @monrodriguez: #ECC10 Next ECREA.24th-27th October 2012."Social media&global voices".Istambul.First taste presented w/ this video: http://bit.ly/2ol7gj

placasa 3 European Public Spaces: 1 Men family photo, 2 EC WEB Site 3. Brussels protest. Good ideas!!! #ecc10

jonhickman Lots of interest across our papers on social media methods. It's frontier stuff right now. Quite exciting #ecc10

HistComUVIC RT @monrodriguez: WonderfulWodak:European Public Sphere & discourse analysis.Invoked,criticized and pointed:A lesson 4 sociscience http://bit.ly/aNZFVm #ECC10

Funny #ecc10 tweets

jennifermjones http://twitpic.com/2xr6c6 used all extra food vouchers to buy beer.#hackburg #ecc2010

jonhickman We totally hacked our lunch vouchers #ecc10 #hackburg http://yfrog.com/2dqbsuj

jennifermjones Looking for a plug socket all day then I find a toilet plugged into a wall. What does that even mean? #ecc2010

JeanBurgess Love the phrase "scholarship of disappointment" used in reference to normative comparative research - Klimkiewicz #ecc10

Commentary #ecc10 tweeets

Bachl Attending a bizarre interrogation of the presenters by the chair #likeschool #ecc10

enrikornebring Having the conference at an actual campus is much better than at a cavernous, impersonal conference centre (like in Barcelona) #ecc10

snurb_dot_info Panel now confronted with current realities - and they have no answers. #ECC10

sol777 Discourse mainly in the coffee breaks as usual... RT @jennifermjones @Bachl How can ANY discourse occur in 12 mins! #ecc10

Inquisitive #ecc10 tweets

Jeinspaenner where was the tweetonomy concept from? @jhickman #ecc10

snurb_dot_info Journalism educators researching journalism problems is like police investigating police misconduct: self-serving results. Discuss. #ECC10

Flygirltwo What is this about Google sponsoring the conference? Crickey! It is. #ECC10

SocMediaScience @jennifermjones asking because we look @ the phenomenon from an enterpriseĀ“s view - loss of control. interested in exchanging ideas? #ecc10

Mundane #ecc10 tweets

AnneLinke how come that when I sit in a very interesting twitter panel my battery runs low? #ecc10

P3HRM #ecc10 Maybe it's just me getting tired, but the mediapsychological approach to SNS fails to interest me...

sol777 Thats it also for me at #ecc10 / #ecc2010 - bye Hamburg. Great conference,nice people. Thanks #ECREA - see you the latest in 2012.

jj58 Hi tweeps at #ECC10 #ECC2010 #ECREA No tweetup for me. I'm following you from Rotterdam (busy teaching). #ECC10 now most popular among tags.

Critical #ecc10 tweets

ana_adi whenever the next ECREA conference will happen, please do not schedule sessions after 6PM. people hardly show up. #ecc10

Bachl Attendance very low at the 915 panel - come on, do you usually start working later than 915? #alwaysthesame #ecc10

JeanBurgess At the Rathaus for #ECC10. Second by second the speeches continue, drinks continue to be invisible, and the crowd becomes louder and louder.

Bachl And always remember: your work can't be really scientific unless you present it in a boring way with ugly ppt charts #ecc10